What is Emsculpt

What is EMSCULPT Treatment? 

EMSCULPT is a non-invasive body contouring technique that utilizes electromagnetic energy to build muscle mass while reducing fats.  Achieving the desired body and shape is no longer a dream now. An ideal body with a contoured figure and muscle mass is possible now by not undergoing the traditional means of surgical fat removals and body contouring. 

Various non-invasive body sculpting cosmetic procedures target the problematic body areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. These may include Cool Sculpting, Fat Freeze and SculpSure®. These procedures aim to reduce fats from the stomach, back, legs, thighs, upper arms, love handles, and neck and work primarily by killing or freezing the fat cells from the targeted areas. The dead cells are then metabolized and eliminated from the body. 

While EMSCULPTING is unique among the other aesthetic fat removal procedures, it primarily stimulates repeated and rapid muscle contractions. The stimulation of muscles is done at a 100% rate and is done 20,000 times in thirty minutes. 

The EMSCULPT device uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Fields (HIFEM) to create at the targeted areas requiring muscle toning and fat removal. The procedure makes the muscles work similar to a very intense workout causing rapid and repeated muscular contractions. The EMSCULPT technique achieves many more contractions without causing an elevated heart rate and sweating. 

The EMSCULPT muscle stimulation is equivalent to 20,000 repeated crunches, squats, and bicep curls that can achieve in a single thirty minutes session. It results in the stimulation of protein synthesis and muscle building by increasing the metabolic rate of surrounding tissues and removing fatty acids. Muscle building and toning occurs by increased muscle thickening by 19% and fat reduction by 16% of the targeted areas.  

Emsculpt procedure also ends up in increased muscle strength and endurance in workout routines. You can achieve your end-term fitness goals more effectively and can push harder in physical therapy plans of damaged and deteriorating muscles. 

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What are the Benefits of EMSCULPT? 

The Benefits of EMSCULPT May Include the Following;

  • Seven independent US studies have proven EMSCULPT as the safe and effective fat reduction and muscle toning cosmetic procedure. 
  • EMSCULPT is the first FDA-approved electromagnetic energy-driven procedure that effectively reduces fat and builds muscles mass.
  • EMSCULPT procedure is efficient in providing 100% muscle contractions by holding them in position for about six seconds; otherwise, it is only possible for about 30-35% in a fraction of a second. The procedure works by muscular reconstructs and fat elimination. 
  • EMSCULPT procedure is non-invasive that does not require any recovery period. 
  • EMSCULPT results in a 4cm reduction in waistline and also 11% reduction in diastasis recti (Muscle separation) 
  • The process works best for people with BMI less than 30 and can increase the muscle tone to any body type. 
  • EMSCULPT is the best-suited cosmetic treatment to reduce fats from abs, buttocks, thighs, calves, and upper arms by toning up the muscle mass and contours. 
  • The procedure results in 96% patient satisfaction. 

Are there Side Effects Associated with EMSCULPT? 

Emsculpt is a reasonably safe and effective procedure, but there are specific contraindications associated with the procedure that may include;

  • EMSCULPT procedure uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic fields on working, so it's not ideal for patients with pacemakers, plates, and IUDs. 
  • The process is not suitable for pregnant women and those experiencing hernia complaints. 
  • EMSCULPT doesn't cause any pain or discomfort, but you can only feel a slight pulling sensation. Patients are always treated at the level of their comfort because the physician has control over the intensity of the treatment. 

What is the cost of EMSCULPT Treatment? 

The cost of the EMSCULPT procedure depends on the number of sessions you book or your cosmetic physician's advice. The average price of a single procedure may cost $~~~. For multiple areas, the cost will be higher. 

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